Winding Down

I only have 19 more days here. I have super mixed feelings about leaving. Like I miss home and my friends, but at the same time I love travelling. I don’t know if there will ever be another opportunity where I can come to Europe/the UK and travel as much as I like. If I wanted to go to Paris I could…even for as little as 2 pounds if I booked it far enough in advanced! It is getting really really cold here…much colder than I am used to so that’s another plus to leaving now.

Home will be cool for like the first couple weeks to see everyone… and then it’s going to be like … so what are we doing this weekend? Wait what we aren’t going to a foreign country this weekend? booorrrriiiinnnng.

I have already started to look at exploration seminars and internships abroad. I doubt it will work out because of money but maybe an exploration seminar. These are like 4 week trips where you get 5 credits and you travel one country with a UW professor and like 30 UW students. I would love to go to Greece or Germany since I didn’t get a chance to go there yet.

Anywho, I leave for Amsterdam at 3am on Thursday. We will be there for 3 days then go to Brussels for one day. It should be great but realllly cold! I haven’t decided what I am going to do my last weekend. For awhile I was thinking of going to Malaga, Spain then Africa with a group… but I only want to go if they are going to go to Africa for half of it. But part of me thinks I may need that weekend to finish up my last essay and pack… we will see.