Foster Accounting Students Win WSCPA Scholarships

This year the Washington CPA Foundation, which is part of Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants (WSCPA), awarded over $500,000 in scholarships to students pursuing accounting, in both undergraduate and graduate programs.  The Foster School’s Master of Science in Taxation (MST) and the Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) have been fortunate to have five of their incoming 2019-2020 students awarded this prestigious, and generous, scholarship.

We asked a few of them to answer questions about their experience.

Kelsey Evenson (MST)

Photo of Kelsey Evenson

Kelsey Evenson

Q: What led you to choose accounting as a major?

A: I really enjoyed ACCTG 215 [Financial Accounting] and that’s initially how I knew I was on the right path. However, it wasn’t until I took the two tax courses offered by Foster that I knew I was in the correct option. The complexity and depth of the material as well as the great professors had me hooked. 

Q: Why did you choose MST over a 5thyear of undergraduate classes?

A: I already had the required 225 credits to sit for the CPA, so I chose to pursue the MST program to strengthen my technical skills and knowledge base.

Q: What advice would you give next year’s applicants for the WSCPA?

A: Be honest in your essays about what truly excites you in a career as a CPA and the industry itself! 

Kiara Wilson (MPAcc)

Photo of Kiara Wilson

Kiara Wilson

Q: What led you to choose accounting as a major? 

A: I knew that choosing to major in accounting would be a challenge, but that is what excited me. I was not exactly sure what career path I wanted to pursue as an accounting major but I knew that there were many avenues I could take having this skill set. Choosing accounting awarded me many opportunities and experiences throughout my undergraduate years.  

Q: Why did you choose MPAcc over a 5th year of undergraduate classes?

A: I chose MPAcc over a 5th year because I knew that it would better prepare me for the audit profession. I think the program will allow me to put into practice both the skill set and knowledge I gained in undergrad while also pushing me to think more about how it what I learn will apply to my future career. The analytics and technology focus of the program was also a big factor in my decision. Many professions both in and out of accounting are in need of a workforce that is comfortable with dealing with the fast pace change of our profession.  I felt that the courses that focused on data and analytics would be most valuable to me as student and a future professional.

Q: What advice would you give next year’s applicants for the WSCPA?

A: Make the most of the relationships you create in and out of the classroom. Not only do they help with building your professional network, but they truly enrich your life experiences with different perspectives, views on life, and backgrounds. Who you choose to surround yourself with has a large impact on the way we learn and work. When applying for the WSCPA, really think about what makes your experiences unique to your own self. Not all essays have to be one of a kind, but tell your version of your own story.

Jennifer Lo (MST)

Photo of Jennifer Lo

Jennifer Lo

Q: What led you to choose accounting as a major?

A: I feel so fortunate to have had an inspiring and positive experience in my first accounting class. My first accounting professor was accessible and told me about the accounting career trajectory that had all the components I enjoy about a career: challenging, ever-changing, and foundational. Accounting is the language of business, and learning it felt like the obvious direction to go for me.

Q: Why did you choose MST over a 5th year of undergraduate classes?

A: Dedicating oneself to a career requires fully learning every nook and cranny of it, as much as one can. The MST program is rigorous but thorough, and I want to feel confident and geared with the right equipment when I start my career in tax.

 Q: What advice would you give next year’s applicants for the WSCPA?

A:  Let your personality shine through in your application! The WSCPA want to know who you are as a person, not just as a student pursuing accounting. Take time to reflect on who you are and how you want to convey to the WSCPA scholarship review committee that you’re a well-rounded individual.

Your Turn to Apply

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To be eligible to apply for the WSCPA scholarship, you need to be studying accounting (entering junior or senior year, master or PhD programs), and have at least a 3.0 GPA.  For more information, go to the Washington CPA Foundation website.

Learn more about the Master of Science in Taxation and the Master of Professional Accounting.

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