Yonsei Pride

Guest Post By: Tina Nguyen, a Senior studying Marketing, CISB, and Korean. She is a Global Business Center Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient, and she studied abroad through Foster Exchange at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, during Spring Semester 2023.

Has there ever been a music album for a school? I believe both Yonsei and Korea University could make a 6-hour playlist based on the festivals. These festivals are held every season and had the most during Springtime. Within the multiple festivals showing both schools’ old rivalry, I went to the first one at Korea Universities’ campus. 

The experience of the festival starts by getting to Korea University’s field aka hiking on a mountain to the school. From there, we were split into an exchange students seated section from the Yonsei students. Although it felt divided, we eventually joined on the field to start cheering. For those coming in the future, try to memorize the lyrics and dances because some of us were too confused. Each song was either to diss the other school, encourage the other school, or show pride in the universities. We eventually took the courage to join with the Yonsei students for them to teach us the songs and sang till 11 pm (Originally, the whole festival started at 4 pm). From there, we were taken to a reserved restaurant for Yonsei students to end the night with delicious spicy stew and fried food. 

Overall, I recommend everyone to prepare to join at least one festival and learn the songs for Yonsei University.