Your Career & LinkedIn

Susie Buysse, Associate Director

Did you know that 87% of recruiters begin their process of identifying potential candidates through LinkedIn?  Yet, 90% of professional rate their Linked Profile as fair, not even good?

 In April, Cindy Pain from Lee Hecht Harrison shared key tips for creating and protecting your brand on LinkedIn.

 Create a Profile with Purpose:

Write a compelling concise Summary (30-second soundbite) that is tailored to what your audience wants to hear.  Use personal pronouns.

 Consider separating the key element of your Summary with white space.  Your audience will then see snippets and can choose what to read. 

Remember to include keywords (generally nouns), industry-specific qualifications and job-specific buzzwords related to:

  • Industry jargon
  • Education or Certifications
  • Job Titles
  • Skills & responsibilities
    • Examples: strategic planning, market research, etc.
    • Software or hardware proficiencies (acronyms)

Consider using a brand tagline/personal title as a Headline (example: Wireless Industry Executive and Technology Entrepreneur).

Complete your total profile, i.e. Summary, Specialties, etc.  Include responsibilities and accomplishment for positions, when interested in hearing about career opportunities.

Create your own LinkedIn URL.

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