Your Resume is a Reflection of Your Personal Brand

By Susie Buysse, TMMBA Associate Director, Career Services

Students enter the TMMBA Program with diverse career goals.  We recommend outlining plans in the first quarter followed by subsequent milestones and actions to realize this change upon graduation.

Often, the best place to begin is ensuring that your resume is contemporary and easy-to-read while capturing your best relevant strengths.  Two benefits of this:

  • As a TMMBA student, you will expand your network and a great fit opportunity may surface without an active job search.
  • Your resume can be tuned-up before a career focus is set, and it can certainly be further tailored at a later date.

In November, the TMMBA Program delivered two workshops on crafting a polished resume.  These articles highlight the importance of including your accomplishments (impact) in order to stand out from the crowd and get noticed:

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