Your Weekend Trip Tour Guide

Guest Post By: Junior studying Marketing, Jana Merca. During UW’s Winter & Spring Quarters 2022, Jana, a Global Business Center Study Abroad Scholarship recipient, studied abroad on the Foster Exchange with the University of Economics, Prague (Czech Republic).

When I found out that my close friend Cam was coming to visit me for one of my last weekends in Prague, I immediately started typing a detailed itinerary of everything I wanted to show her. From places to food, I was surprised by how much city knowledge I have gained while here. Over the weekend, I was able to see the city from a different lens as a tourist again. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude as I explored the city and showed off the beauty that I have had the privilege to live in. Below is the weekend that I planned as Cam’s personal tour guide.

Day 1- Tourist activities
● Charles bridge
● John Lennon wall
● Castle
● Strahov Monastery
● Pétrin tower
● Astronomical clock tower
● Czech dinner

We started the day at Charles Bridge, one of Prague’s most famous landmarks. Underneath the bridge is the famous John Lennon wall. The wall represents Prague’s strong values around freedom of speech and non-violent resistance. The area surrounding the wall is a cute and colorful neighborhood filled with great cafes and is the perfect spot to leisurely wander. Afterwards, we went to Prague Castle. The castle is known for its large complex, amazing views, and bright mosaics. A short tram away is the Strahov Monastery, containing stunning architecture and a gorgeous library. Walking down from the monastery, we also visited Petrin tower. After taking in nature and wonderful views, we went to Old Town Square- Prague’s hub of history and culture. Before leaving Old Town Square, we took a tour to the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower for sunset.

This lookout spot was the highlight of my day. I felt so much appreciation for the city as I watched it transform from day to night. We ended the night with dinner at Planet Zizkov. Located in Prague 3, the restaurant is a local spot with a cozy environment. We ordered the Zizkov specialties, including a spread of different local meats, Czech goulash, specialty sauces, and housemade bread.

Day 2- My personal favorites and hidden gems
● Riegrovy Sady park
● Trojsky Zamek palace
● Letna gardens
● Zizkov Tower

When Prague is sunny, it is the most magical city to be in. The endless amount of peaceful parks can transport you into a new world beyond the hustle and bustle of daily city life. My favorite park called Riegrovy Sady reminds me of a European Central Park, with its large garden grounds, flowers and fountains. There are many local vendors with booths around the park, so Cam and I set up a picnic and read. A 20 minute walk away is the palace grounds of Trojsky Zamek.

Additionally, a trip to Prague would not be complete without taking advantage of all of the lookout spots, so I had to take Cam to Letna gardens, where vendors sell typical czechmeats and drinks in a relaxing park looking over the entire city. Finally, to end the night, we went to the top of Zizkov tower. You can go to the top of the infamous “baby tower” for free and I love indulging in their desserts once at the top.

From nature to culture to modern city squares, this city is so versatile. There is always something to be discovered and new people to connect with. This weekend was so special to me and provided me with some much needed closure as my program comes to an end. Calling Prague my home for the past two quarters has been an opportunity of a lifetime.