18 months = ???


Many of our readers have pressing questions about the nature of a Technology Management MBA from UW’s Foster School of Business. From “Tell me about Foster” to all the way to “How will I survive an 18-month program?” So, we’ve decided to respond to myriad inquiries about the MBA for technology professionals.

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I love that TMMBA is just 18 months – but how can it be? It must be pretty intense. I don’t want to be in exile for 18 months while I try and keep up. I’d miss my spouse and two little ones too much. If I become a student in the TMMBA Program, will I be burning the candle at both ends?

-18 months = ???

Dear 18 = ???,

The answer to your question is: no. While the program is intense, it will also equip you for better time management along the way. While you will strive to balance work, family and school, you will have a tight-knit study group to serve as part of a crucial support network. Additionally, the program provides some extra services to make it convenient for you and save you time. 


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