Adventures in Prague

Guest Post by: Ben Nussbaum, a Foster School student who participated in a Foster Exchange at The University of Economics, Prague in the Czech Republic

I’ve been on exchange for two and a half months and I can confidently say I sort of know what I’m doing. The grocery store is no longer an unintelligible food jungle, I’m able to navigate public transit, and I’m comfortable in my city.

For me, a major theme of continually adjusting to my time abroad has been learning far more outside of the classroom than in. I’ve been enrolled in a Czech language course for 6 weeks now, but I’ve learned nearly as much vocabulary by navigating the grocery store. It’s nearly every day that I’m faced with a situation I’ve never encountered.

There’s obviously more to study abroad than shopping for groceries. Some things are more difficult. A lot of things are easier. The commonality is all of them are valuable. Make the most of your time grocery shopping, exploring old churches, and paragliding the Swiss Alps (but that’s not until next weekend).

If you’re on the fence about studying abroad and are here to help you make your decision, close this tab and navigate to the application page. Struggling in the grocery store will be one small element of the best months of your life.