A Lab at the Intersection of Climate, Finance and Analytics

The Climate Risk Lab is a sandbox for interested students all across the UW campus.

Boosting business value through data-driven decision making is a key skill our Business Analytics students develop during their time in the program. Climate risk analysis is one such area, where Professor Charlie Donovan and current student Sam Shugart, have been focusing their time. 

Climate Risk for businesses typically focuses on two parts: (a) Physical Risk, or the risk from changes in the weather pattern and extreme weather events, and (b) Transition Risk, which is the risk from transition to a decarbonized economy.  

The Climate Risk Lab is an initiative that invites students from across the UW campus interested in projects and developing careers at the intersection of climate, finance and analytics. Building a sandbox space allows students to access resources and data, develop domain knowledge, and connect with other students, organizations and companies. The goals are to give students a space to develop research and explore career opportunities while helping companies and organizations access a talent pipeline. 

“We want to connect people from different departments at UW to bring different skillsets together in a room,” said Sam, who is actively involved in the Climate Risk Lab.    

Launched in January 2023, the initial focuses are modeling impacts of physical risk, exploring how businesses respond to transition risks & regulations, and energy & infrastructure’s intersection with climate, among others. 

Interested in getting involved with the pioneering Climate Risk Lab? Click here to learn more.

Written by Niv Joshi
Writer & Content Strategist
[email protected]