MSIS 2020 End of Year Celebration Toast: Awards and Recognitions

Earlier this month, the MSIS Class of 2020 gathered to celebrate their achievements at the end of a rigorous and impactful one-year.

MSIS Faculty Director, Ming Fan, kicked off the celebration with recognition of the challenges and sacrifices, as well as the successes, that each student encountered throughout the year. “We are at the dawn of a massive digital transformation,” Ming reflected, “and I believe that will accelerate the skills you have gained, the analytical frameworks you have employed, and more importantly, the friendships you have built. Each of these will be long lasting.” 

Recognizing Academic Honors

Ming also had the pleasure of announcing the MSIS Class of 2020 academic honors – students who represent the top 10% of the class:

Class of 2020
From top left to bottom right

Amy Dalaroy, Sunny Dhuri, Lei Guo, Yinqi (Amber) Jiang, Kajal Jaiswal, Natasha Karmali, Sarah Lo, Mingyang Qi, Suhong Qin, Alyssa Vahratian


After an enthusiastic round of applause for these students, MSIS Program Director, Amber Turner, recognized the great achievements each student has made, as well as the importance of the faculty who have made an impact on their journey. “You’ve worked hard preparing yourselves for continued success, and I hope that you all both celebrate, and recognize, the amazing achievement of receiving a master’s degree from the Foster School of Business. I am pleased to be able to formally recognize the MSIS faculty who have made an impact on your growth and learning this year. I know that they all wish you great success.” 

MSIS Excellence in Teaching Award

Amber also had the honor of introducing the winner of the MSIS Excellence in Teaching Award. To recognize that their journey wouldn’t be possible without the help of encouraging, passionate, and skilled faculty, MSIS students honor one of the professors who have made the greatest impact on them each year. This year’s Excellence in Teaching Award winner was Professor Uttara Ananthakrishnan, a major contributor to student success and to MSIS initiatives like the Women in Tech Leadership series.

Uttara took time to speak from the heart about the pleasure she had in working with this year’s students, and emboldened them to follow their passions and always try to make a positive impact. “I have come to know all of you as exceptional students and business leaders. Grad school is just the beginning of your experiences where you’ve sampled a lot of things, but as you enter the work force or continue in your careers, you’ll realize how hard you can work and how much energy you can channel if you truly enjoy what you are doing. I hope you get to enjoy your natural curiosities and retain a sense of wonder and purpose.” 

Uttara shared that while the program gave students many technical tools, it also equipped them with the mental tools that would allow them to make an impact as they move further into leadership. She left the graduates with a powerful message about the voice that they carry and the difference each one of them can make: 

As future technology leaders, you will be in positions of power and have a say in the lives of millions of people in both the business world and society.” 

The MSIS Program and community are so proud of each of our graduates. Congratulations Class of 2020!

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