B-School conference will focus on successful model for business development in under-served communities

Academics and administrators from more than 20 U.S. business schools will gather alongside regulators, financial institutions and community organizations at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business on July 10-12 for the inaugural National Conference on Business Development in Under-Served Communities.

What kind of economic impact can a business school have on under-served communities? In the case of the Foster School’s Business and Economic Development Center—a big one. Through a pipeline of educational programs linking students, faculty and corporate partners with businesses in lower-income communities, their efforts have generated more than $90 million in new revenue and helped to create and retain more than 10,000 jobs across Washington state since 1995.

Each of the schools being represented at the conference has—or is looking to launch—a program through which students and faculty work to increase the success of businesses in under-served communities while simultaneously improving student learning.

“At the Rutgers Business School Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, we promote and foster a new generation of entrepreneurs who actively seek a socially conscious urban renaissance,” said Jerome Williams, professor of management and the center’s research director. “Our students clearly learn from the business challenges they address and Newark is benefiting as well. The conference is a great opportunity to discuss curriculum design, student evaluation, and business impact with our peers.”

In addition to Rutgers, representatives from the following schools will be in attendance: Arizona State University, Central Washington University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Duquesne University, Medgar Evers College, Morehouse College, New York University, Northwestern University, , Portland State University, Providence College, Santa Clara University, University of Arizona, University of California Los Angeles, University of California Santa Cruz, University of Pennsylvania, University of Utah, Virginia Union University, and Washington State University.

The conference is being underwritten by the Foster School through a grant from the JPMorgan Chase Foundation.

“JPMorgan Chase has made investments in business schools across the country and we are thrilled that so many outstanding business schools are joining us to advance the importance of economic development in under-served communities and the skills of the next generation of business leaders,” said JPMorgan Chase Chairman of the Pacific Northwest, Phyllis Campbell. “We commend the Foster School of Business in their efforts to move the field forward and provide the opportunity to contribute to the revitalization of the most deserving under-served communities—through technical assistance, revenue and job creation.”

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