Being Back

faustinoI am back home and already missing Pamplona. Spanish tortillas, two hour lunches in the cafeteria, and weekend adventures in the countryside are the moments that remain in my mind. The experience was fun. But more than fun, it was valuable.

Leaving my friends in Seattle and meeting students from around the world allowed me to gain a better understanding of human relationships. I met people who gave me an enormous amount of trust, which I reciprocated, despite us having interacted for only moments. These acquaintances hosted me in their homes, more than once giving me a key to the front door.  Being able to contrast those interactions with relationships in my daily life in Seattle has led me to look at those relationships in a new way. Not only has traveling given me new perspectives, it has also inspired me to host travelers in Seattle, which I hope to do soon. Perhaps I can help others explore this city while I do so myself.