The Benefits of an Executive MBA Class Visit

EMBA faculty Charles Hill

We do it with clothing, cars, and houses. We try on clothes. We test drive cars. We see a house to make sure it can really feel like home. Investing in an MBA program, and therefore yourself, is often a very considered decision. You will be investing a lot of time and money to advance your career. So, we highly recommend visiting a Foster EMBA class. You just may find that earning your MBA offers more benefits than you think.

EMBA classroomThe EMBA experience is not purely theoretical. During your visit, you get the opportunity to observe what a classroom full of very experienced professionals engaging in real world business discussions looks like. Just as important, you get to hear the student perspective because you’ll be matched with a student host. One of the major questions prospective EMBA applicants ponder is the work-family-life balance. Almost all EMBA students work full-time. Many have family responsibilities. The class visit really gives that first-hand experience to help you figure out that you can do it too.

Don’ take our word for it. Read what current students have to say about their EMBA class visit.

Why would you encourage someone to attend a class visit?

EMBA students“You get a sense of EMBA student dynamics. My major positive impression from sitting in on a class was that students spoke because they had something to contribute, or a meaningful question – not just to be heard. It was a key difference from other MBA programs I vetted. The class felt highly engaged but not competitive.” Liz Hughes – Class of 2020

“There was a fear of the unknown as to how you would fit in with your classmates for the next 2 years. Attending a class session helped put those fears to rest and helped (me) to visualize what the experience would be like.” Mike Garver – Class of 2020

How did your interactions with current students inform your decision to start your MBA?

EMBA faculty Dawn Matsumoto“Interacting with current students outside of my organization definitely helped me learn about new perspectives. Talking with more and more students also gave me a good idea of the many ways people handle the challenge of managing the work-life balance.” Hardik Dalal – Class of 2020

“The students and staff didn’t sugar coat anything.  They were very clear about the demands that program would have on life, family and work. However, I quickly picked up on the camaraderie that exists within individual groups and that your peers are there to help you when other parts of your life call for more attention.” Dave Mandapat – Class of 2020

If you considered other MBA options, how did the Foster EMBA visit help you decide that the executive cohort/format was a better fit for you?

EMBA students“I strongly considered a distance (virtual) program and was not convinced I needed much face-to-face learning interaction. Within a day of sitting in on the class, my mind had completely changed. The executive cohort was the perfect balance of face-to-face engagements and personal learning time, something I do not regret to this day.” Carter Veasy – Class of 2020

“Some coworkers suggested an online MBA program, but it was incredibly important to me to have the ability to build a new network and to be part of a team.  Again, sometimes life and work put demands on you that can’t wait and the EMBA program provides you with some latitude to take care of other priorities if you take the time to communicate with your peers and staff.” Dave Mandapat – Class of 2020

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