Breaking into Product Management: A Resource Guide

So you want to be a product manager? The Product Management Center at the UW Foster School of Business has created and organized free resources to help you.

As you think about a transition to product management, it helps to know some of the basics:

What to expect in different phases of product management

Why inclusion is critical in product management

How a product manager spends her time

Are you curious if product management is the career for you? Watch this video.

If you are ready to move beyond the basics of product management, check out the following best practices:

Working backwards from the customer

Objectives and key results

Cross-functional collaboration

As you work to land a PM role, you will want to:

Highlight your transferrable skills in your resume and in behavioral interviews

Find and reach out to product managers who will mentor you in your efforts
Prepare for Product Management interviews

The Product Management Center is here to support you in your journey as a product manager and we welcome you into our diverse community of product managers across the world.

Please let us know when you break into product management by tagging The Product Management Center at UW on LinkedIn and sharing which resources most contributed to your success.

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