Business London Spring Break

Guest Post By: Vatthana Huot, a Junior studying Accounting and Information Systems. She is a Global Business Center Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient, and she studied abroad through Business London during Spring Break 2024.

Initially, when I planned to study in London, I wasn’t sure how much growth or new development I would truly obtain. After all, this was only a week-long trip, to London, nonetheless. Yet, as this particular week progressed, I found myself discovering new possibilities for my career and myself as an individual. 

Throughout the week, I felt that I’ve learned about various aspects of having an international career. As someone who is aiming to pursue a career in public accounting, my trajectory seemed pretty straightforward. Yet after meeting various companies and professionals who all experienced a global career, I can now see the diverging paths I can experience. It was reassuring to witness how many of the individuals’ beginning pathways whether, their education or job, were not linear to their current roles. As a matter of fact, many of the individuals did not major in business as their secondary education. Yet, as they currently intersect within the business division of their roles, it was clear that as long you were able to utilize your soft skills and transfer them to your current roles, the transition in concentration can be much smoother. 

Of course, it would not be a study abroad if we were not able to explore and immerse ourselves in the culture and London lifestyle. One of the memorable moments on this trip would be the very first day that I landed. After checking into the hotel, I along with a couple other of my peers, headed out to walk around the neighborhood and see London on foot. I thought that it was a perfect way to initially see the city and the differences/ similarities it has to home. We even managed to get to the iconic Kings Cross/ St. Pancras station and actually see the intricate architecture of the building itself. 

One of the perks of visiting London was also the free museums which were truly a highlight of their own. That very first day, I also visited the British Museum and besides the massive circular lobby that greeted us, I was in awe of the immense history this one building held. From the Greek pantheons and sculptures to the East Asian ceramics, we could’ve spent an entire day exploring and not still finished. 

Another memorable moment was perhaps towards the end of the trip when I took a train to Edinburgh, Scotland. This truly could be the top contender for the highlight of my trip purely for how gorgeous the city is. Immediately as I stepped off the platform and headed up out of the station I was greeted with a view of the old and new town. It was additionally a sunny but windy day which only added to the beauty of the city as it truly did leave me out of breath. I also got to

visit Edinburgh castle and explore its history which to this point I’ve only read in books. I explored Scotland’s National Museum which was also massive in itself with its 3 floors spanning from historical to modern technology and cultural artifacts. This trip was my first trip visiting another country solo and to say I was nervous would be the least. The night before, I was constantly checking the bus routes and train times just to ensure that I was heading in the right direction as well as setting multiple alarms in fear that I would miss the train. Yet, as I got to Edinburgh and walked around the city, I found myself excited and curious rather than nervous. Soaking in the city by myself was such a unique and reflecting experience that I found myself craving it once I landed home.