A Career in Information Systems Can Change Your Future

Business or technology – which career path should you take?

In a city blending technology and business every day, why choose between the two? Data Scientists, Cyber Security Analysts, and Product Managers are some of the most sought-after and top-earning tech roles.

According to CompTIA research, nearly 40% of U.S. tech firms are actively recruiting candidates for technical positions. Another 34% report openings on the business unit side, such as project managers.

The jobs below, and many more, combine technical skills and business acumen – skills you will master with the MSIS degree from University of Washington Foster School of Business.

I consistently use the technical and business skills that I’ve gained from the program in my career, and having the MSIS degree makes me a competitive candidate in all roles I apply for or am recruited for.

– James Lewis
Sr. Technical Project Manager, Neal Analytics

MSIS Class of 2019

Common Information Systems Careers

Data Scientist

Data Scientists possess a combination of analytic and technical skills. An aptitude for leadership and creative problem solving allows them to articulate the significance of data to make strategic decisions.

Cyber Security Analyst

A profession that is always evolving, Cyber Security Analysts manage threats, breaches, and other security measures for an organizations systems and networks. Quick thinking and problem solving skills are critical.

Business Intelligence Consultant

Business Intelligence consultants lead organizations through development and implementation of BI analytics tools and systems. They are database, business, and technology gurus who see big picture issues and creative solutions.

Technical Product Manager

Technical Product Managers support aspects of technical products for their organization, including product innovation, strategy, optimization, and leadership. Ability to navigate the business and technical side of an organization is essential.

Job experience, while important, only builds skills based on specific needs. The MSIS program opens doors to concepts, problems, and solutions to issues you haven’t considered or completely thought through.
 Yong Tan
Professor of Information Systems
Foster School of Business

With the UW MSIS degree, you don’t have to choose between business or technology. All you have to choose is when you want to begin.

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