Chris Barnes receives SIOP Distinguished Early Career Award

"Christopher Barnes, Business Faculty in Paccar Hall"

Chris Barnes, an assistant professor of management at the University of Washington Foster School of Business, has received the 2017 Distinguished Early Career Award from the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). SIOP is a large division of the American Psychological Association.

Barnes, who joined the Foster faculty in 2013, has become an international authority on the effects of fatigue in the workplace.

His research is an expansion of his early work as a U.S. Air Force officer managing studies of “fatigue countermeasures,” or ways of coping with the effects of exhaustion during extended missions.

In the setting of business, Barnes’ pioneering studies are discovering strong causal connections between even minor amounts of sleep deprivation and a litany of organizational ills—errors, accidents, procrastination, disengagement, dissatisfaction, ethical breeches, and a lack of creativity, cooperation and inspiration.

Since 2007, the Evert McCabe Faculty Fellow has published 38 papers in peer-reviewed journals and appeared in even more popular media outlets, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the BBC, Harvard Business Review, Freakonomics, Scientific American and Huffington Post, to name just a few.

Earlier this year, Barnes received the Outstanding Reviewer Award from the Academy of Management Journal, and was a finalist for Paper of the Year in Personnel Psychology. He was named Ascendant Scholar by the Western Academy of Management in 2014.

Barnes’ recent TEDx Talk covered the range of his research which, in addition to confirming the impacts of sleep deprivation on employees and managers, also examines the causes of—and solutions to—inadequate sleep.

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