Ciao from Milano!

The Duomo

The Duomo

My name is Alex, and I’m a Junior concentrating in Finance. Currently, I am studying at Bocconi University in Milano, Italia, and I must say studying abroad is somewhat of a dream. From the moment I stepped off the plane I have had experiences and adventures that will last me a lifetime. One of my main goals/reasons for studying abroad, aside from getting an education, was to explore my host country as well as surrounding ones in Europe. Let me just say this, Milano is by far the best city to find cheap flights to other countries. Far more superior than any other country, in my opinion. I’ve traveled all over Italy, as well as Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Britain, Scotland, Ireland just to name a few. The greatest thing is most of my flights and train traveling is consistently under 20 euros round trip! Ridiculous! Next on my list of places to visit will be Germany to meet up with another fellow UW student in Berlin.

Okay, okay, aside from traveling there is an issue of schooling. Schooling? Yes, unfortunately you do have to attend classes. Wait, but I only have class 2 days a week… So really school is not school, more like VACATION! WOOO PARTY. Just kidding, education is a various serious matter, and Bocconi is a renowned university. How do I know this? Well aside from what wikipedia has told me, every time I present my student id for discounts I hear, “Ohhhhh Bocconi, (*winky face)” basically, wow you must be really smart. So of course attending a top university you have to study hard for the tests, especially when half my classes are based off of solely one final test! Alex Milan2

 All jokes aside, Bocconi is a great university, and I’m really learning a lot about European viewpoints of society, as well as meeting a lot of great people. Classes are in English, which helps a lot, but it’s really interesting doing case studies that are centralized around the European economy. Moreover, because I am based in Milano, the financial capital of Italy, I am given the great opportunity to be surrounded by an economically stimulated society that only helps and strengthens my international experience. 

 Anyway, to wrap things up, Milano is a great place to study business. It has great food, great sports (AC Milan), great culture (The Last Supper, The Duomo), great people, and a great transportation hub. However,if you do plan on coming to Italy, one thing to know is be prepared for a true language barrier. Most Italians speak poor English if any at all. Luckily, because Milano is such a major business center a large population of people are able to speak English fairly decently; however, other places you may not be as fortunate, but that’s what being in a foreign country is all about!