CISB leads to understanding of business practices in various cultures

Kiersten WalkerKiersten Walker earned her BABA, with an option in marketing, from the Foster School of Business in 2014. She also earned a Certificate of International Studies in Business (Spanish Track). She’s been working for VIEVU, now a Safariland company, for over a year and resides in Seattle. She shared with us how the CISB program has impacted her career.

How did your CISB experience help you in your career?
CISB set me up with a network of successful alumni who have provided me with career advice and mentorship to this day. It also gave me a deep, applicable understanding of business practices in various cultures, which I refer to when I work with our international dealers and manufacturers.

What are a few highlights from your study abroad experience?
I studied abroad in Cadiz, Spain during fall semester in 2012. Overall, I loved traveling around Europe easily and being able to swim in the Mediterranean every day. One of my favorite memories was meeting friends in one of the plazas on Friday nights and streaming Husky football games!

What are your career plans?
I’m currently in marketing at a law enforcement technology company in Seattle. I really enjoy the industry I’m in and hope to continue to build a career in advertising and brand management. I travel frequently within the U.S.; and as our company grows, I hope to be able to travel to international law enforcement conferences as well.

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