Constant Trending Culture 

Guest Post By: Tina Nguyen, a Senior studying Marketing, CISB, and Korean. She is a Global Business Center Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient, and she studied abroad through Foster Exchange at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, during Spring Semester 2023.

Since I arrived in Korea, I noticed the constant new trends in food, places, and outfits compared to the USA. Every few days, my Instagram feed pops up with trends in what to buy, places to see, food to try, or what to cook at home. Every week, one trend becomes the only thing everyone follows and dies the next day. As of the last week in Spring 2023, the trends were Japanese fusion food, current festivals to attend, new cafes, and new popup stores to shop for the week. During this time, you’ll see how everyone will be on top of this trend outside. Everyone is almost informed at the same time without discussing it with anyone; however, that’ll eventually change within the next week or even an hour. 

In Seoul, you’re in a different environment with different themed shops or popup stores with every neighborhood street I turn into. There hasn’t been a day that I was bored with having a strict schedule to follow throughout my day. If you ever come to Seoul, I suggest looking into Instagram rather than TikTok to find the best of the best trending place, events, or food! 

For reference, here is one Instagram page you should follow once you arrive in Korea, and me following the trend in how to take photos at the beach.