Definitely not still Jenny from the block… Too sparkly for that

By: Sasha Sabsowitz, Foster Undergraduate

I had the most amazing time yesterday. After not going out for weeks, my roommates and I got to go to the Jennifer Lopez concert for FREE!

For dinner, my roommates and I made burgers. There were a lot of 90’s hits being played while cooking. Our burgers were very classy, accompanied by three different types of 35 DKK (about 6 USD) white wine. Our lamp above the table is still out so we ate dinner by candle light.

At 8:00 we realized what time it was and boogied on our bikes in our fancy outfits to Forum where the concert was. When we arrived, we could hear “Dance Again” playing inside and by the time we had made it inside she was playing “Waiting for Tonight,” my favorite! It’s so mind blowing that she’s 43, not 23 since she danced almost the whole time. We also got to hear her phony Selena laugh for an awkward mid concert break where she just smiled and laughed and told the crowd how much she loved them.

After the concert we biked to Nørrebro to find a bar to relax and talk in while we waited until 1 o’clock, when the dance clubs wake up. We ended up at a really cozy wine bar called Malbeck Vinoteria. We chatted over a shared bottle of Semillon from Argentina.

The lights came on bright in the bar around 1 when they were trying to get everyone to leave. When we got outside, it was pouring down rain. One of my roommates, Anna, and I wanted to go home but my other roommate, Annechiene, insisted on us going dancing. So we biked a few blocks down the street and lo and behold ended up on the exact street I stayed at when I first arrived in Copenhagen. Stefansgade!

Anna had suggested this place called Drone where they have a bar upstairs and a “lively” dance floor downstairs. But, when we got there and went down the stairs (coats, hats, scarves and gloves still on) no one was on the dance floor, just surrounding it talking. So without consulting each other, we all flew to the dance floor and started jumping around, spinning and dancing like complete weirdos to the jive like music the DJ was playing. In NO time the dance floor was packed!

We danced with some nice people, had some nice chats, did some bendy backwards dips and called it a night.

I love Copenhagen!