Dorm Life at Yonsei

By Christina Park, Foster Undergraduate participating in an exchange with Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.

Christina ParkThe best thing I will miss about Korea is simply the lifestyle and chaos that came along with living in Asia. Seoul is full of life, culture, and exciting things to do, especially for the youth! One great aspect of the Yonsei exchange that I particularly enjoyed was how popular and big the program is. There are hundreds of students from all over the world that come to study in Korea, and that honestly surprised me more than I thought, simply because I never thought of Korea as a “trendy” destination.

I chose to live in the international dorms on campus and it was extremely convenient as a majority of the exchange students chose this living option. There are two different options to choose from: I House and SK Global House, I stayed in SK Global House and loved it. However, I do think there were many advantages of living off campus as well, but I would personally still recommend living in the dorms. I also met a really good friend through the dorms because we lived two doors down from each other in the same hall. We even ended up travelling to Thailand and Hong Kong together. Naturally, you make a lot of new friends in the program through the dorms, or in class and it was always so convenient and exciting to just meet up in large groups in the lobby of the dorms for dinner.

Christina ParkAnother great thing I loved about the international dorms was the resources that were available to you. There was a convenience store, coffee shops, restaurants, and even a cell phone shop all in the same building you were living in! It was always useful when you were short on time and needed to grab a quick snack or meal. They even had a small gym and a cheap laundry service if you were too lazy to do your own laundry (I admittedly used this service more than once).

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