Enough Time for a Week Out on the Town

By: Nate Whitson, Foster Undergraduate

It is time to follow up from my last post over 8 weeks ago. I admit I am still in love with England and all the cultural nuggets that come with it. In this post I want to highlight important things UW students should know when considering the University of Manchester Business School.

Since we’re all students it seems logical to begin with the…social life. Oops I meant classes. Classes at Manchester have been kind to say the least. Nearly all of my classes are graded on a single paper for 100% of my grade. I understand how this makes some students cry and others happily scream, like me. The essays are not terribly long, though some have short windows of completion because prompts are not released until 3-4 weeks before you will likely leave. The lectures are similar to those you would find at the UW, though I have not seen a single course pack all year :). Contrary to the belief that UK professors are difficult to communicate with, I find them open to answering all my questions and concerns (some have even gone to the length of memorizing names.) I would also comment on homework and weekly workload, but there simply isn’t any. Like any class, you can spend hours reading recommended chapters and articles if you feel the need. Getting to class has been just as easy. Campus is fairly compact and has a generous amount of cafes and coffee shops to fill your Seattle void. One thing to keep in mind before you get turned around, the first floor is likely not to be the one you are entering. It is called the ground floor here, sir/madam.

 On to the student life, that I accidentally jumped to earlier! If you are an individual that enjoys going out, particularly to bars and clubs, Manchester is the city for you. Having grown up in the Seattle area, I can say I have never seen bustling nightlife like that of Manchester. The area in which you live on campus makes a significant difference as well. I myself live in Oak House and am primarily surrounded by first year British students. So, the environment is a little (very) lively. The other area which you could find yourself living (as a self-catered student) is Whitworth Park. This accommodation is closer to campus/downtown, but you will likely find yourself living with other international students. Don’t let distance from campus weigh too much into your housing decision, because Oxford Road (where the University lies) boasts the busiest bus route in all of Europe! You can easily get involved in campus sports as well. Each house (IE dorm) has their own sporting teams for soccer, rugby, etc. Finally, the actually living quarters are plain, but completely acceptable. Every student gets a single room, so that is quite a bit different from the UW. Similar quality to that of McMahon hall and the common areas are large enough for all of the flat mates to gather. If you choose to be self-catered (like me), you will luckily have a 5 minute walk to a large supermarket. Finally, I recommend not leaving your room keys with your flat mates, as living with 7 other students unfortunately and inevitably breeds a prank war.