Entrepreneur reading list

Throw these in your beach bag! Emer Dooley and Jacob Colker recommend the following summer reads:

The Startup Owners Manual (Steve Blank)
Teaches you the big picture of how to do customer development and why its important, also goes through the business model canvas.

The Lean Startup (Ries)
Teaches you how to do smart, fast, targeted tests to disprove hypotheses.

Paul Graham’s Essays (founder of Y-combinator)
Read every single one!

Business Model Generation (Osterwalder)
Teaches you how to think about the business model in the context of the whole company.

Hey Whipple! Squeeze This! (Sullivan)
Best book out there for how to write smart and funny copy, which ends up being super important for web, emails, investor decks, etc. Writing is key to everything.

Solution Selling (Bosworth)
If you ever have to sell anything, this book helps. A lot.

Rework (Fried)
Smartest book out there for how to run a team efficiently.

Getting to Yes (Ury)
Best negotiation book on the market.

Art of Innovation (Kelley)
Great thoughts on innovation.

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