Evan Griffith – Microsoft Finance Rotation Intern

20130725_202129 1This last Summer I interned in Microsoft’s Finance Rotation Program. The internship is a feeder for Microsoft’s full-time FRP role, where analysts go through four six-month rotations before finding a longer-term home at Microsoft! As an intern, I emulated participating in one of these rotations and worked as a strategy analyst for the Application and Services Group. My main project was to research the growth of a disruptive technology industry, and determine how Microsoft should best position itself to be successful going forward. Eventually, I presented my ideas to senior leadership and my recommendations were worked into the next planning cycle of the Bing search engine.

While I spent most of my time on my project, the Finance Rotation Program also has a fantastic 20130725_213935 1set of activities exclusively for the finance interns: We held a strategy development competition and presented to the Xbox senior leadership, got to have breakfast with the CFO, and went on several field-trips visiting Seattle and the surrounding area. Of course, I can’t forget to mention the famous Microsoft Intern Signature Event! To wrap up the summer, Microsoft hosted a private concert with Macklemore and Deadmau5, then, at the end of the concert, all interns were given brand new Surface Pros to remember the summer!

For me, Microsoft represents a place where I can find a perfect blend that fits me. In work, I get to use my business background to influence one of the largest players in tech – and have access to the cutting edge of many different industries. Since I’m part of a rotation program, I get to explore the vastness of a multi-billion dollar company, with a presence in everything ranging from productivity enhancement (Office), to mobile technology (Windows Phone) and home entertainment (Xbox). I’ll also have the option to spend six months working abroad as I support world-wide operations. But just as important is the time I spend outside of work, and Microsoft has shown that they value everybody’s unique balance between work and play! I’ve strived to find a place where I’m more than ‘just’ an intern, and, despite its size, Microsoft has proven to be a place where I feel unique and can continue to learn and grow.

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