My experience as an international MBA student at Foster

MBA programs in the US are known to curate a very diverse learning environment for all students. An essential element of this diversity is the cohort of international students that are part of each graduating batch. At Foster, the story is no different, and our admissions team is always on the lookout for the best international talent. Personally, being an international student at Foster has been an incredibly fulfilling and enriching experience. Foster is a community of peers, professors, and staff that is ever welcoming and values international students, who can genuinely leverage this to get the most of their MBA experience.

Week 1 of school, panoramic views of Seattle & the Coldplay concert to finish the day. Our smiles say it all.

For international students the Foster MBA experience starts with an exclusive international students’ orientation which helps answer doubts, clarify concerns, if any, and provides students with information that will help guide students through the entire MBA program. Teamwork is ingrained in the Foster culture, and first-year teams are picked by the school which guarantees a great mix of diversity that encompasses geography, education, and professional backgrounds. This ensures that students are always learning from their teammates, provides a safe space to fail and learn from mistakes, and cultivates a collaborative culture that Foster is renowned for; a trait much appreciated by employers of our students.

Holi, fondly called the festival of colors, is one of the highlights of every school year.

Exposure to various cultures is an important stepping stone for all MBA students and Foster provides an excellent platform for international students to showcase their culture to their classmates. Student-run clubs hold regular events such as international movie and trivia nights. International festivals of Holi, Diwali and Lunar New Year are celebrated with great enthusiasm by all. The bite of Foster, a food-centric event, provides students to sample foods from all over the world. Foster also hosts a monthly celebration called a TG; an informal event that allows students to relax and network with their peers. Every April, Foster hosts welcome weekend celebrations which invite admitted students on campus to experience the Foster way of life. Part of this experience in April is the International TG which boasts of various international foods, international themed activities (Sumo wrestling suits anyone?) and a Bollywood dance put on by current students to welcome our new cohort. The Bollywood dance is a great community building activity; Indian students lead the practices, but we always see enthusiastic participation from international and domestic students alike! This weekend remains one of the earliest and fondest memories for most Foster students, and international students play a significant role in ensuring Foster puts its best foot forward when hosting our future peers.

Proud member of the Fritzky leadership cohort for the year 2018-2019. Awesome experience, even better people.

In my experience, to get the most out of your MBA, it’s critical to keep an open mind, make yourself available for various opportunities and take risks in an unfamiliar environment. International students have multiple opportunities to practice these traits by taking up leadership opportunities at Foster which in turn enables them to make substantial contributions to the community. International students also contribute to class discussions by drawing on personal experiences to provide unique insights; this, in turn, helps broaden business horizons for everyone at Foster. At Foster, the supportive community always pushes you to be your best, and this helps international students grow and develop into tomorrow’s leaders.

My good friend Patrick at the Bite of Foster convincing our classmates that sausage rolls and Aussie accents are an unbeatable combination.

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