Exploring the Amalfi Coast

By Glen Kabacheuski, Foster Undergraduate who participated in the Foster Rome program during Summer A-Term 2017. Glen was a GBC Study Abroad Scholarship recipient. 

One of my biggest expectations from the study abroad was to travel around the Italy as much as possible. During our first weekend in Rome, me and a couple of other students from the study abroad planned a trip to Amalfi Coast.

First thing we had to accomplish, is to get there. It was not an easy experience figuring out train station system and actually getting to the coast. We had to take two different trains and had a long walk to reach Airbnb we have secured prior to the trip.

While in Amalfi Coast, we were able to travel to a few different beaches around the coast, take a train to Pompeii, and spend evening exploring the city we stayed in, which was Salerno. It was great to be able to visit so many great and famous places that are all within a 100-kilometer reach.

The density of historical monuments in Italy showed me how many cool places and things you can see in a small area if you are actually looking for new experiences.