Farmer’s Markets, London Field Research

This weekend is Bank Holiday, which is sort of like Labour Day, and means that we all have a four-day weekend, hooray!

wooten1.jpgOne of my Seattle friends was in town this week, so Saturday we took her to Borough Market, a huge farmer’s market by the Thames. It’s off of Borough High Street and is extremely popular for grocery shopping. They have nearly every produce you could imagine, fresh fruits and veggies, smoothies, bakeries, fish vendors, tea, fish and chips, turkish delights, falafel, beer, wine, BBQ, it goes on for quite a while. Between the three of us, we ate BBQ, fish and chips, and more BBQ!

wooten2.jpgWe stopped into a boulangerie and shared an amazing strawberry tart. The custard was the texture of whipped cream and melted in your mouth, while the strawberries were sweet, and the buttery crust just the right amount of flaky. We also found (we think) the world’s largest pyramid of brownies!

Camden Market was very fun today! Once you get past the touristy part of Camden High Street, you get into the area by the canal which has amazing food and much more unique, culturally diverse shopping. I got Bombay potato and a strawberry smoothie, while Pavel got both Jamaican jerk chicken and goat curry. We tried to find the vendor that serves huge coconuts from which you drink the water, but they were gone for a carnival outside of Camden! I’ve vowed to take us back there to get our coconuts and our photo opp!