Foster Department of Management and Organization ranked #12 in the nation for research productivity

The University of Washington Foster School of Business has the #12 most productive management research faculty in the nation, based in its publication record over the past five years in the discipline’s top journals.

This according to an index compiled annually by Texas A&M University and the University of Georgia.

The TAMUGA Ranking of Management Department Research Productivity tallies total contributions to the eight most-influential scholarly journals in the discipline of management, and ranks business schools across the United States according to the number of those contributions attributed to their faculty members.

Sustained excellence

The Foster School’s high spot in the aggregate TAMUGA ranking is the product of consistently strong scholarly output, despite the significant variability of year-to-year research publication in the most influential—and discerning—peer-reviewed journals. For single-year output, Foster’s Department of Management and Organization was ranked #1 in 2017, #13 in 2018, #15 in 2019, #2 in 2020, #9 in 2021 and #20 in 2022.

During the period from 2018 to 2022, Foster’s management faculty collectively produced 50 papers published in the discipline’s elite eight peer-reviewed journals, including:

  • 11 in the Journal of Applied Psychology
  • 8 in the Academy of Management Journal
  • 8 in the Strategic Management Journal
  • 6 in Personnel Psychology
  • 6 in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
  • 4 in Organization Science
  • 4 in Administrative Science Quarterly
  • 3 in the Academy of Management Review.

Relevant across disciplines

Beyond their outstanding and sustained research record overall, faculty members in Foster’s Department of Management and Organization have also distinguished themselves by the extraordinary breadth of topics that they examine.

Rather than concentrate on one or two aspects of the discipline, Foster’s researchers have made significant recent contributions to the state of the art in organizational behavior, employee behavior, modern work environment, entrepreneurship, leadership, ethics, diversity, equity and inclusion, human resources, corporate social responsibility, organizational change, applied psychology, even stress reduction, among other issues of management and organization.

This breadth is reflected in one of the most balanced distributions of papers across the eight journals considered in the TAMUGA index.

The Department of Management and Organization is strong contributor to a research program at the Foster School that is symmetrically strong across business disciplines. This balance of power has led to the Foster School achieving an overall ranking of #12 in the world for research productivity in the top 50 business journals, according to the 2023 Financial Times research index.