Foster Freshman Consulting: Pilates on 10th

From my experience working with the Foster Consulting Program, I have improved my team working, communication, and presentation skills. I have learned how to communicate information effectively as I was doing research, asking questions, and sharing my findings to our client weekly. Working with this group introduced me to five new peers that I might not have met otherwise and connected me to a local Seattle business that I was able to really learn about and help. As an out of state student, I am not that familiar with the Seattle area, but working with this group, I became more aware of the cities and neighborhoods around us, especially as I was doing research on other local businesses that might be a competitor. Over the past quarter, I have learned a lot about what it takes to run a business, and even more about how a business can expand their marketing efforts. This was a great experience to get a feel for how consulting works and I am eager to do it again!

Thank you so much!

Zoe Hazuka, Freshman, 2024

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