Foster Freshman Consulting: Share Farm

Impacting Seattle Businesses through Consulting

Being in the Foster Consulting Program, I really enjoyed how my experiences provided me with an avenue to build upon my existing skills and improve both professionally and personally. The extremely personal and trust-based relationships between my team and the client made me realize how much I value the sense of fulfillment that arises from being a part of a program that empowers business owners in achieving their goals.

Additionally, the real-life exposure to consulting meant that I was able to professionally advance through developing my skills in areas such as accountability, problem solving, decision making, and time management. It was great to be able to work with a team of bright and nice student consultants and advisors who were always there to help and provide invaluable feedback.

Overall, my experience in the FCP this quarter was very rewarding as being able to work with my peers while giving back to a local business translated to increased soft skills, leadership competencies and self-confidence which is sure to help me in the future.

– Maansa Jayaraman, Class of 2024

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