Foster Master of Professional Accounting ranked top 10 in the nation

Two students working on an RPA in class.

Creating a Robotic Process Automation in the MPAcc program, 2019

Three separate rankings organizations recognized the Foster Master of Professional Accounting program (MPAcc) as one of the top ten programs in the country based on academic quality and career results, as well as reputation among accounting professors and graduate school applicants.

Top-rated by graduate accounting professors, recognized for research

The Public Accounting Review ranked MPACC #6 of U.S. Graduate Accounting Programs with mid-size faculty. The rankings were determined by a survey of the top programs according to accounting professors across the country. Foster faculty were ranked #10 in the world for Accounting Research and #3 for Financial Accounting in an annual research ranking compiled by Brigham Young University.

Highly ranked for return on investment, academic quality and affordability, a resource for individuals considering an accounting education and career, ranked the MPAcc Program #10 of Best Master’s in Accounting Programs and #4 of the Top Affordable Master’s in Accounting among more than 500 schools in the U.S.

The ranking considers affordability, return on investment, academic quality, graduation rate, school/program reputation and prestige, and program availability based on data from the National Center for Education Statistics. notes that business and financial career opportunities are projected to grow faster than all other occupations by 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Professor Asher Curtis teaching about RPA in the classroom

Professor Asher Curtis teaching students in the MPAcc program, 2019

What distinguishes the Foster MPAcc program is its focused coursework in data analytics and emerging technologies which prepares graduates to bring big data and robotic process automation techniques into their careers. That cutting-edge knowledge along with leadership and professional development returns outstanding career results for graduates – 94% job placement. The program also includes classes with industry professionals from Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC, Amazon, Costco, Microsoft, Tableau, Starbucks, and Moss Adams. A highly engaging learning environment gives students real-world experience through hands-on projects and teams.

International reputation with graduate school applicants

MIM-Guide, a resource for graduate school candidates worldwide, ranked Foster #9 of 70 Master’s of Accounting Programs in the U.S. based on interest in the program by prospective graduate students. The ranking includes Columbia Business School, Cornell University, University of Southern California and University of Michigan among its top-10 schools.


Master of Professional Accounting Rankings

#6 of U.S. Graduate Accounting Programs with mid-size faculty Public Accounting Report
#9 of Master’s of Accounting Programs in the U.S. MIM-Guide
#10 of Best Accounting Graduate Schools 2021
#4 of Most Affordable Master’s in Accounting 2021


Master of Science in Taxation Rankings

#1 of Best Master’s in Taxation Graduate Schools 2021
#5 of Taxation Programs in the U.S. MIM-Guide


Learn more about the nine-month Master of Professional Accounting and Master of Science in Taxation degrees at the Foster School of Business.

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