Foster MBA Mentor Update: Summer 2022

Hello Foster MBA Mentors!


Sally Jewell, former U.S. Secretary of the Interior, former CEO of REI, and outgoing Foster Fritzky Fellow, with Colette Vogel, Foster Mentor Program Director

Thank you for mentoring our Foster MBAs. We have many incredibly successful mentors, and we are grateful to have a mentoring community here to help our students envision their future.

A lot has happened this past year! We integrated the topics of mentoring and sustainability and focused on ways to craft careers with impact. In addition, we expanded Mentoring Circles for MBAs of Color, piloted in the Winter Quarter last year, to a full year and included evening MBAs. The Mentoring Circles provide an important space for MBAs of color to discuss unique challenges and opportunities associated with career development with other professionals of color. Finally, our cadre of Spring Quarter mentors sprang into action to offer just-in-time mentoring for MBAs preparing for internships or full- time roles at their respective companies.

Hybrid Mentoring

We saw mentors meeting their mentees in person as well as online. This hybrid format proved highly successful with students and mentors. The mixed format allowed for personal connection (highly appreciated by the students) while the online format allowed for more frequent interaction when scheduling became difficult. We encourage the students to stay connected with you beyond Foster to provide updates on their work and life and to reach out when they need another perspective.

Washington State Senator Lisa Wellman

Mentor Anniversary Awards

We honor our mentors reaching anniversary milestones.  Thank you for the energy and dedication you have shown our students consistently year over year.

Ten Year Mentors

Chris Dorr | Suzanne Keel-Eckman | Dennis Karlinsky

Fifteen Year Mentors

The Honorable Lisa Wellman

XJ Cai Full Time MBA with Dean Hodge

Herb Bridge Mentor Award Winners

We also announced our Herb Bridge Mentor Award winners. The award goes to a graduating student from the full-time and evening MBA programs who exemplifies mentoring as nominated by their peers (fellow classmates). We received hundreds of votes from students, a testament to mentorship as part of Foster’s culture.

Anthony Chang of Evening MBA with Dean Hodge

The Herb Bridge Mentor Award honors Herb Bridge’s legacy as a leader who inspired civic engagement in countless Foster MBA students. Later, Anthony shared with us this story. 

My dad saw the certificate and mentioned that he’d actually met Herb Bridge before! My dad is a gemologist and worked for Ben Bridge when he was younger. What a small world, and a fun coincidence! Dad’s words on Herb Bridge: He was a “kind gentleman,” which is the sense I’ve gotten for reading anything anywhere about him. What an honor to receive this award.”

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