Foster the Product: How to implement OKRs in your organization

The OKR method—using “objectives and key results” to align organization, team and employee goals—is becoming increasingly prevalent in the product management world.

The March edition of the UW Foster School’s monthly “Foster the Product” series featured an expert in OKRs—Vishal Ghotge, the chief product officer at Payscale.

Vishal Ghotge

Ghotge leads a team of product managers, designers, data scientists and engineers in building products that help companies and individuals make smart decisions about compensation.

Prior to Payscale, he was the VP of product at Groupon and spent over a decade leading product teams at Microsoft.

In this Foster the Product session, Ghotge shares how he successfully implemented OKRs throughout Payscale and offers takeaways for product management professionals who would like to bring the method to their teams and organizations.

About the series

Foster the Product, presented by the new Product Management Center at the UW Foster School of Business, is an opportunity to connect with people and ideas that can advance a product career. Regular sessions take place the first Thursday of every month.

The next Foster the Product event takes place April 1 at 4:30 p.m. PST. Eman Barhoumeh, the head of relevance at Facebook AI, will speak on “Engaging with Engineering: Dos and Don’ts for Product managers.” After the talk and Q&A, attendees will have an opportunity for networking and guided discussion.

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