Foster Study Abroad Photo Contest 2019

The Global Business Center is very happy to announce the winners and 2nd place recipients of its 13th Annual Foster Study Abroad Photo Contest. This year’s entries represent the transformative and unique global experiences that study abroad, and the Global Business Center offers for students each year. The captions reveal deeper insights on their accompanying pictures to help bring their stories to life.

Photos were submitted in the following categories:

  • Foster Spirit: Show off Foster/UW swag while abroad
  • My Global Lens: Views uniquely accessible to students living abroad
  • Study Abroad & Me: Students and/or friends made abroad
  • Alumni

Foster School Faculty and Staff served as judges for the above categories. The winning photos received the most votes within their particular category. The People’s Choice winning photo received the greatest number of votes by the general public.

Enjoy these amazing photos and learn more about all the ways undergraduate students can learn about business abroad by visiting the GBC Undergrad Study Abroad Options website.

To see all photo submissions, check out the GBC Facebook page.


Tina Liu

Foster Exchange in Taiwan (NCCU Exchange) // Spring Semester 2019

Photo Location: Taiwan 
Title: A Hungry Panda’s Dream 
Caption: The moment I understood the truth behind “you have to see it in person”. 

Foster Spirit, 1st Place

Alyssa Kearns

Business India Exploration Seminar // Early Fall Start 2019

Photo Location: Mysore, India

Title: Foster On Top!
Caption: A group photo of a tired but accomplished group of students at the top of the Himalayan mountains. With 3,400 ft of elevation and 5 miles in, the group proudly displays their UW gear.

Foster Spirit, 2nd Place 
Justin Krois 
Business Ireland Exchange Seminar // Early Fall 2019 

Photo Location: Ireland 
Title: Splash! 
Caption: Foster students make a splash in the global business environment!  

My Global Lens, 1st Place 
Zarah Khan 
Business Morocco Exploration Seminar // Early Fall Start 2019 

Photo Location: Atlas Mountains, Morocco 
Title: Huskies under the Purple Moroccan Sky 
Caption: After 3 long days trekking through the High Atlas Mountains, one of our biggest highlights of the trip was seeing the night sky come to life with thousands of stars on our last night in the mountains. 

My Global Lens, 1st Place 
Antonio Lozano 
CIEE Business China // Fall Quarter 2018  

Photo Location: China 
Title: Now and Then, Paralleled. 
Caption: A sense of awe as I traveled to all the scenes on the back of the Chinese Yuan. This one took me back to my childhood in remembrance of Avatar the Last Airbender. 

Study Abroad & Me, 1st Place 
Eric Tang 
Foster Exchange in Korea (Yonsei International Summer School) // Summer Term 2019  

Photo Location: South Korea 
Title: Stacks on Stacks 
Caption: Looking up to the high stacks of books in the Starfield COEX Library. 

Study Abroad & Me, 2nd Place 
Mihret Haile 
Business Ghana Exploration Seminar // Early Fall 2019 

Photo Location: Accra, Ghana 
Title: Black Girl Magic 
Caption: We stand in power in front of the black star that symbolizes the independence of Ghana from colonial rule.

People’s Choice, 1st Place

Sophia Niehaus

NW Cadiz Program // Fall Quarter 2018




























Photo Location: Ronda, Spain
Photo Title: The old and beautiful Puente Nuevo in Ronda, Spain.

Caption: While exploring the beautiful city of Ronda, you can’t miss the bridge named Puente Nuevo that connects the city. The bridge was built over the Guadalevin River in the 18th century.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s study abroad photo contest! Check out the GBC website to enter into next year’s Foster Study Abroad Photo Contest. 

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