Foster Women in Business Hosts Spring Gala

Foster’s Women in Business (WiB) organized the highly anticipated Women in Business Spring Gala this month, which took place in Anthony’s Forum in Paccar Hall. It drew in a vibrant crowd of students and alumni. The gala provided a platform for attendees to connect, gain insights, and celebrate the accomplishments of women in the business world.

The gala provided an opportunity for students and alumni to interact in a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. The venue buzzed with enthusiastic conversations and shared experiences among Foster students and alumni, fostering camaraderie and networking opportunities. Throughout the gala, Women in Business showcased their ongoing initiatives, highlighting current projects and future plans that empower women in their professional journeys.

“I really enjoyed meeting with alumni that were integral to WiB’s history and learning about how they advocate for women’s empowerment and diversity at their workplace and community. It was also a great time catching up with my cohort and current WiB members. A great event to celebrate everyone’s hard work for the year,” said gala attendee Aarati Raghuvanshi – an Evening MBA student from the class of 2025.

A standout feature of the event was the presence of the esteemed First Lady of Seattle, Joanne Harrell, who engaged the audience in a captivating speech. She offered valuable insights and personal anecdotes. Harrell emphasized the significance of strong leadership and the boundless possibilities for women in business. Her achievements stood as a testament to determination and resilience.

Foster’s Women in Business Spring Gala was made possible by the unwavering support of attendees, sponsors, and partners. WiB extends a special appreciation for the generous sponsorship from Lululemon, who continues to support WiB in their mission to uplift and empower women leaders.