Fostering Intention: Hybrid MBA Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) student committee

with Harlin Miller, JEDI Chair (HMBA Class of 2023)

Now, more than ever, the world is connected in arenas of business, culture, and politics. A critical nexus of these elements are graduate studies. Foster is keenly aware of a need to bring in a diverse student body, as well as awareness and attention to the various backgrounds and needs of its diverse Hybrid MBA program.

The Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) HMBA student committee is dedicated to elevating the efforts made by Foster and the wider UW community. We envision facilitating an environment where the next generation of entrepreneurs, business professionals, and leaders learn alongside one another. Each seeking to challenge the status quo and to better humanity through their leadership.

HMBA student and director smiling at social function

Harlin Miller, JEDI Chair and Jodey Farwell, Director of Hybrid MBA at the Class of 2023 first immersion (Autumn 2021)

Everyday I see JEDI and its tenants show themselves. From conversations with my mentor and CEO Firoz Lalji, to client calls, engineering planning, and leadership meetings. What JEDI is about needs to be lived out and not a simple ‘check of the box.’ UW gets it, Zones – the IT firm I work for – gets it, my clients get it. Now it’s time we help the world get it. “

JEDI’s Purpose:
Encourage, facilitate, and empower future leaders within the Hybrid MBA program to intentionally choose to be anti-racist and inclusive leaders.

JEDI’s Key Initiatives:

  • Allow spaces for classmates to be seen and enable them to bring their whole selves to all Hybrid MBA events and beyond.
  • Organize across Foster programs to support and amplify the work to show the role and influence of business in social justice work


2022 – 2023 Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) HMBA committee


This student group works closely with Hybrid MBA and Foster Diversity staff to ensure student voices and perspectives are heard for larger Foster School Diversity & Inclusions initiatives. They coordinate quarterly events (speaker series, workshops, trainings) around topics of anti-racism, along with creating and organizing affinity groups as needed. A JEDI committee member also serves on the newly developed Hybrid MBA Student Council to incorporate inclusion & equity best practices.

To learn more, contact [email protected] to connect with the JEDI committee.