Fostering the Product: Kelcey Symons

Kelcey Symons

The Product Management Center is a hub for knowledge, community, and impact. As part of the Center’s student advisory board, Kelcey Symons is making an impact by advising how best to deliver value to a diverse audience. Get to know more about product management through a Q&A with Symons, an Associate Product Owner at MCG Health and student in the UW Foster Hybrid MBA program.

Why have you chosen a product management career path?

I have chosen a product management career path because I’m allowed the opportunity to investigate, problem solve, and deliver results. I find that my continuous improvement mindset, creative problem solving, and ability to ask the right questions at the right time help me be effective in this field.

What has been the biggest change in transitioning from a business analyst to a product owner role?

The biggest challenge I have faced is deciding what products and features come next. As a business analyst, my work and projects were prioritized for me. As a product owner, I evaluate the priority of deliverables based on customer value, impact, and urgency and work with my teams to deliver results.

How has your time at UW Foster helped you in your role as Associate Product Owner?

Starting at UW Foster this past fall has helped me understand how each stage in the product life cycle affects other departments in our organization. Understanding how new feature rollouts impact our marketing, finance, and product support teams has improved how I approach my role as we implement new features.

Why are you sharing your time with The Product Management Center?

I’m excited to help make The Product Management Center an inclusive community for all. I want the Product Management Center to inspire innovative ideas, create new connections, and be a space for thought leaders in the product management field.

Join Kelcey Symons and the inclusive community she is helping to build at the Inclusive Product Management Summit hosted online by The Product Management Center on May 7th. Register here.

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