Frank Discussions with Jason Child

In this insightful edition of “Frank Discussions,” Dean Frank Hodge interviews Jason Child, Executive Vice President and CFO of Arm. Child delves into his experiences scaling disruptive technologies within various companies, drawing from his wealth of expertise. From his tenure at Amazon during its explosive growth from a billion-dollar business to a juggernaut of $50 billion, to his roles at Groupon, Open Door, and Splunk Software, Jason offers valuable insights into building sustainable companies amidst rapid expansion.

Throughout the conversation, Jason reflects on lessons learned, emphasizing the importance of understanding product-market fit and avoiding pitfalls that can arise during high-growth phases. He shares anecdotes, such as the challenges faced at Groupon with managing customer expectations and navigating complex international markets, highlighting the necessity of adapting strategies while maintaining core values. Furthermore, Jason sheds light on his experiences working with visionary leaders like Jeff Bezos, emphasizing the significance of curiosity, humility, and perseverance in shaping successful organizational cultures. Overall, Jason’s discussion provides a wealth of wisdom for entrepreneurs and business leaders navigating the dynamic landscape of disruptive technologies and rapid growth.

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