From Army to MBA: Q&A with Hybrid MBA student Karina Lane

In honor of Veteran’s Day, the Hybrid MBA Program is recognizing our students who have served or are currently serving. Among the Class of 2019, 8% have military experience and from the Class of 2020, 18% have military experience. For many reasons, the Hybrid MBA program is a great fit for those who are active duty or transitioning out of the military. Over the next week, we’ll feature a few of our students with military experience and they’ll share their background, goals and how they are able to leverage what they learned in the military to be successful in the Hybrid MBA Program. Follow the full series.

Karina Lane, former Captain in the US Army

I went through the Army ROTC program at Boston University and commissioned as a Field Artillery officer. At that time, Field Artillery had not yet been opened up to female enlisted Soldiers so there were very few females in the FA units. As a platoon leader, I was the only female in the platoon and my Soldiers’ first female leader. This led to some interesting experiences but was overall very rewarding. I later served as a Signal Officer responsible for all IT systems in our unit and deployed in this capacity. I eventually made the decision to end my service as my husband and myself had decided to open our own wealth management firm. I had a great time in the Army and did things I never would have otherwise, such as jump out of airplanes or fire rockets. It was definitely a rewarding experience.

Current Role: Vice President of JG Wealth Management

Why did you choose the Hybrid MBA Program? What about it fit your lifestyle?

With a full-time job and two children, a traditional full-time MBA program was not an option for me. I also wasn’t sold on a completely online program. When I found UW’s new Hybrid MBA Program, it seemed to be a perfect solution for me. Being able to do a majority of the work and classes from home combined with the on-campus immersion sessions seemed perfect. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the format of the program has worked out very well and allows me to fit in school work around my job and my family.

How does your military experience lend itself to a mostly-online MBA format?

Karina Lane and her Hybrid MBA study team

Throughout my military career, I was usually in a position were I had little guidance and was left to figure things out on my own. I learned time management skills and the importance of scheduling my time. I have been able to apply these skills to my MBA experience. With so many demands on my time between work, school, and my family, I’ve learned the importance of scheduling everything to make sure my time is managed efficiently.

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