From independent consultant to senior marketing manager

Darko Spoljaric, EMBA 2010, had pursued a varied career in the medical technology and device industry, first in an entrepreneurial role, then in a corporate role after his company was acquired, and later as an independent consultant. Consulting gave him an opportunity to pursue a longtime goal: earning an MBA. Once he completed his Executive MBA at the Foster School in 2010, he realized he was ready to go back to the corporate world. But he found that, over time, the job market had become much more competitive. The Seattle area had become a magnet for talented professionals from all over the world, all vying for the best opportunities. Seeking assistance from the EMBA career counselor, Darko kept networking. A chance conversation led to a key introduction at one of the area’s key employers – and, soon after, a new opportunity that met his requirements and promised future career growth.

For the experienced professionals who graduate from Foster’s Executive MBA Program, career challenges come in many shapes and sizes. Watch four EMBA alumni talk about facing these challenges. Each triumphed over adversity with new knowledge and skills, a new network of contacts and assistance from the EMBA program’s career coach.

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