GBCC 2018: The Leadership Team

The twentieth installation of the Global Business Case Competition (GBCC) is just two weeks away and we’re more excited than ever to welcome our international competitors to Seattle. Our twelve incoming teams hail from nine countries on five continents, from far away Lebanon, Ecuador, Thailand, the Netherlands, Australia and China, to our neighbors in the US, Mexico, and Canada. We’ve had an incredible group of student leaders working hard over the last six months to put together a memorable 20th anniversary celebration and the week to come is sure to be a resounding success. As always, the GBCC will be jam packed with international collaboration, engagement, and education, and conclude with an exciting 20th Anniversary Gala at UW’s Burke Museum.

GBCC week is always product of both tradition and innovation, the result of twenty years of history combined with the ideas and inspiration each new group of student leaders bring. To keep them focused, the student leadership team developed the following endeavor statement and goals for the week:

Endeavor Statement

Foster’s 20th Annual Global Business Case Competition strives to be the innovating force in the world of collegiate international business. Our program provides an environment that encourages healthy competition and the development of lasting connections.

Our objective is to bridge the gap between the Foster School of Business and the global community.


  • Make lasting connections – network with Foster students and international students!
  • Encourage healthy competition
  • Gain quantifiable post-event feedback

That said, the Global Business Center is proud to introduce the 2018 GBCC Leadership Team:

GBCC Co-Chair: Macey McGovern
Year: Senior
Major: Business (Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sales); Political Science

Fun Fact: I have eaten Domino’s Pizza in 7 different countries.







GBCC Co-Chair: Davin Yeom
Year: Senior
Major: Business (Accounting, Information Systems)

Fun Fact: I’ve accidentally gotten on the subway or train going the wrong direction in every country I’ve visited.










Ambassador Manager: Brendan Harris
Year: Junior
Major: Business (Finance)

Fun Fact: I enjoy hiking and will be the first to get winded on each hike. But I take great pictures.











Ambassador Manager: Sydney Solis
Year: Sophomore
Major: Business (Marketing); Community, Environment, and Planning

Fun Fact: I have done ballet for 15 years!












Competition Manager: Kristina Moutafov
Year: Sophomore
Major: Business (Marketing)

Fun Fact: I was born in Bulgaria and I speak Bulgarian at home.










Competition Manager: Michelle Pyke
Year: Sophomore
Major: Business (Marketing)

Fun Fact: Cupertino, California is my home in body, but London, England is what I like to call my home in soul.







Events Manager: Lily Marra
Year: Senior
Major: Business (Finance)

Fun Fact: I don’t have a middle name! If you have any ideas for me, please let me know. Top of my list right now: Mango, Danger.










Events Manager: Alyssa Sanford
Year: Senior
Major: Business (Marketing)

Fun Fact: I got to meet Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office) and listen to him play the theme song to The Office on the Bassoon.





Marketing Manager: Cathy Feng
Year: Senior
Major: Business (Marketing); Certificate of International Studies in Business (Chinese Track)

Fun Fact: I like to drink the strongest coffee and nastiest green juices. If you tell yourself it’s good, you’ll eventually believe it.










Marketing Manager: Marissa Leong
Year: Senior
Major: Business (Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain Management); Certificate of International Studies in Business

Fun Fact: I have dual citizenship in Macau and Portugal; I am a big fan of Neopets and I am still an active user!

Want to get involved or learn more about GBCC? Come to our GBCC Spring Promotional event on March 29th, from 12:00-1:00PM, in the Jiambalvo Hearth.

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