Hello from Manchester!

Hello from Manchester! The University of Washington students have been here for about a month, and we thought it was about time to send in a blog update. First off, to introduce ourselves, we are Brianne King, Natalie Lomax, Stephanie Louie, and Thomas Stannard. The four of us are happy to say that we have finally started to get adjusted to the Manchurian lifestyle.

There are about 100 other direct business school exchange students from all around the world that are studying at the University of Manchester, specifically there are around 40 students from other parts of the United States and Canada. While we’ve been here, we have been working closely with The Manchester Business School (MBS) International Society. The MBS International Society has supplied us with great and knowledgeable student mentors who are available for all our questions. In addition, they host many events that allow the international exchange students to mix and mingle- which is a great for helping us to get adjusted and comfortable across the pond.

mbs.JPGSince we’ve been here, we have been proudly promoting the Foster Business School. On Wednesday, October 22, 2008, the four of us represented UW by participating in the International Fair for students who were planning on studying abroad. As we gave out school flyers and displayed our Foster School PowerPoint, we were able to talk to many interested students into considering UW as an option for their future exchange.

That is it for us for now! Thank you for reading up on us as we continue to venture around England!