How to Prepare for a virtual Hybrid MBA Interview

You’ve submitted your application to the Hybrid MBA Program and received an invitation to a virtual interview.  What’s next? We have you covered for what to expect, and how to prepare for a virtual interview.


The admissions interview is the final piece of your application and is conducted with a member of the HMBA Admissions Committee, via Zoom. The purpose of the interview is for the Admissions Committee to get to know you better, your MBA readiness, and your fit for the Foster Hybrid MBA program. The interview is typically 45-60 minutes long and is your opportunity to share why you believe you are a great candidate for admission to the program.  You will receive an invitation with a link to book your interview time in two business days – choosing  an available time within a two week period.



Treat the admissions interview as you would a formal job interview. Dress for success, find a quiet space to conduct the interview without interruption, and come prepared to answer questions regarding your work experience and education. And be sure to have your camera on during the interview.

Do Your Homework – Prepare to share your whys and whats

WHY you applied, WHAT you hope to achieve from an MBA, WHY Hybrid MBA is a good fit for you, WHAT direction your education and professional journeys have taken and how they impact you now, WHAT understandings you have (or will) with your employer and support system to ensure your commitment and success in the HMBA program.

Understand the required aspects of the Hybrid MBA program.

Download the calendar for the Hybrid MBA incoming class (Class of 2026) and confirm your availability to commit to the required components of the program – VIEW CLASS OF 2026 CALENDAR

Refresh your understanding of the program and why our students rave about their experience.

Study the program to get a strong sense of Foster’s Hybrid MBA and determine why it’s a good fit for you – attend as many Admissions Events as you can, read through our website and blogs, and visit our social media and LInkedIn pages to get a feel for our current cohorts and activities.

Ask Questions

It’s okay if you don’t have questions (maybe your questions have been answered during an Info Session or 1:1 advising appointment), but this is the perfect time to ask any outstanding questions you may have. Go through a mental checklist of key pillars of our program to make sure you have a complete understanding. If not, ask!


Top 5 interview DOs

  1. Confirm set up for Zoom virtual interview and be on-time.
  2. Use the time effectively when asking questions. Ask questions that show you’ve done your research. It’s also okay if you don’t have questions, especially if you’ve met with the admissions team or attended an event in the past.
  3. Be self-aware of the signals you are sending to the interviewer.
  4. Be authentic. Be you. No need to be nervous – keep in mind “no one knows you better than you”.
  5. Enjoy the interview. Interviews come in a variety of styles. Our style is conversational and curious, not interrogative or judgmental. You made it to the interview, so many of the “hard” questions have already been addressed.

Bonus tip – Follow up after the interview.  Professional etiquette is important, and a tool to connect or share additional information that may not have been shared in the interview.  It’s not about us getting a thank you; it’s a valuable tool to continue connection, appreciation of conversation shared, acknowledgement of support or just a general “great to meet you”.

Top 5 interview Don’ts

  1. Don’t dress casually, treat your admissions interview like a formal business interview
  2. Don’t waste time asking questions you should know before the interview from having read the website or by attending an information session. While it is said there are no “dumb questions”, there are questions that show you haven’t done your proper research.
  3. Don’t do all the talking, but don’t be afraid to elaborate. This is your opportunity to shine, but also ensure it’s a two way conversation.
  4. Don’t turn off your camera or check your phone during the interview. Being present is a valued and essential quality of our successful students.  Foster Live sessions require attentiveness and participation, and your interview is just as valued.
  5. Don’t ignore the elephant in the room. If you think you have a weakness in your application, or a situation that is not typical academically or professionally, be proactive in addressing it. If you don’t, chances are we will. We value life experiences, especially those who have  achieved success in spite of hurdles or missteps.

Bonus tip – Don’t be discouraged if the interview is short, it isn’t a sign that things fell apart.  A long interview isn’t always better, and some applications are more straight-forward than others.

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