Hybrid MBA Course Development Team Honored for Innovation Excellence

Course Development Team at Distinguished Staff Award Ceremony- Matt, Jon, Drew, and Nathan

The Hybrid MBA Course Development Team was honored as nominees for UW’s Distinguished Staff award for Innovation Excellence last week.  University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce was the keynote speaker for the reception, celebrating outstanding staff across the University, including UW Medicine, Harborview Medical Center, UW Seattle, UW Tacoma, and UW Bothell.

The Course Development and Delivery Team is made up of curriculum designers, educational psychology experts, and media specialists.  They work with faculty to break down their curriculum into deliverable chunks and develop assessments that are best suited for the online environment.  Since the Hybrid MBA program is team-based, they help the faculty incorporate teaming into their course outcomes. They also assist faculty in scripting lectures for videos that are professionally shot and edited to incorporate interactive media and effective content delivery.

The faculty are world-class experts in their field and fully participate in the design and development of their course. The Course Development Team turns that expertise into action and arms faculty with best practices of online/hybrid learning and teaching.

“He (Matt Huston) and his team helped me to completely re-think the entire course and how to get the concepts across in compelling, interactive and most importantly effective ways.  We developed exercises, games, activities and cases to completely replace my old lectures with far more effective content.”

Lance Young, Assistant Professor of Finance 

Hybrid MBA Professor

Behind the Scenes: Hybrid MBA Course Development Team shooting video content with Professor of Accounting Weili Ge

Many curriculum and instructional designers do a great job, but then stop before implementation as if it’s outside of scope.  However, this is where the Hybrid MBA Course Development team shines. The team of Instructional Designers and Media Specialists excel in all three areas (design, development, and implementation) but exceed in the implementation stage. The team knows that even with the best curriculum design and development it will fall short without implementation and continuous improvement.

The team knows exactly how to best motivate, approach, support, and encourage as well as teach faculty how to get the desired results for an effective student learning experience.  They guide each faculty member as how to best help them translate their unique content into an online/hybrid learning course format. Their technical and personal skills are the perfect combination for success.

“As a faculty who’s relatively new in teaching in a hybrid environment, Matt and his team made sure that I always receive full support  – surpassing what their job scope required – to deliver the highest quality of teaching. Personally I don’t think there’s much more you can ask.”

Issariya Sirichakwal, Senior Lecturer of Operations Management

Above and beyond their talents that they share with the Foster School, “they are each kind, positive, supportive and caring people” said Hybrid MBA Program Director, Jodey Farwell.

Congratulations to the Course Development Team Nominees*:

Matt Huston (Director of Course Development & Delivery)
Jon Keib (Associate Director of Video Production)
Alexis Matthews (Instructional Designer)
Phil Curran (Instructional Designer)
Drew Nakashima (Video Production Specialist)
Nathan Gray (Graphic Designer & Video Production Specialist)

*This list represents the 2019 Course Development Team members.  


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