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Currently, the supply chain industry comprises 37% of all jobs and 88.6% of all patents in the U.S economy. Furthermore, predictions include a 15.8% growth in supply chain analytics through 2024. Supply chain graduates on average also, out-earn their counterparts by 10.5% to 50.6% in their first industry roles. As a graduate of the Master of Supply Chain Management program at Foster, you’ll have a variety of career paths to choose from.  Here are a few select options.

1.Operations Manager

Alias: General Manager

Operations managers control and plan the day-to-day operations of both public and private sector organizations. Typical duties include but are not limited to HR oversight, making material decisions, and purchasing powers. Due to the interconnectedness of the above areas with the supply chain, candidates with MSCM degrees are readily preferred for such roles. Furthermore, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median annual wage for operations managers to be $123,300, and predict upward trending growth for this position, especially in major metropolitan areas.

2. Logistician

Cutting across all industries logisticians oversee, analyze, and plan an organization’s supply chain. This includes duties related to purchasing, transportation, inventory, and warehousing. According to the U.S BLS, the median annual wage and predicted growth for logisticians are $74,750 and 4% respectively.

3. Purchasing Manager

Alias: Procurement Analyst

True to the name, purchasing managers determine how companies will obtain their materials, products, and services. Similarly, this is also a growing role in the industry with a median annual wage of $128,400.

4. Supply Chain Management Consultant

Alias: Logistics Management Consultant

Consulting, which is one of the largest growing professions in the world is also a part of the supply chain. Supply chain consultants work with companies to oversee and optimize their warehouse activities. They are especially relevant in our increasingly global economy where most companies engage in some form of outsourcing. The mean salary for a supply chain management consultant is $102,850.

5. Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts use data, models, and industry knowledge to solve complex problems that can arise anywhere along a company’s supply chain, such as optimal pricing issues, manufacturer delays, and questions on resource allocation. According to the U.S BLS  for this role the median annual wage, and projected job growth between 2019 and 2029 are $84,810 and a whopping 25%.

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* All salary information provided represents mean values, meaning half of the candidates earn both above and below the given values. Salary levels also vary with the amount of prior work experience.


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