Language Training Opens Doors: Conversation with CISB Alum Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson, CISB Alum

What is your job title and company? What are your duties?

I currently work for a sourcing company called Kinetic Sourcing Group, and I am the General Manager of our China operations. My duties involve managing all communications between our head office in Sydney and our mainland-based suppliers. These include new business development, demand planning, quality assurance and crisis management.

How did your CISB experience help you in your career?

Originally, the language training aspect in the CISB program opened the door to doing business in Asia. I was a Japanese track graduate. However, via the connections I made through the Japanese business community in China, I ended up being hired into my current role. The knowledge I attained from the international business education requirements that are a part of the CISB track are what I rely on now for successfully conducting business on an international scale.

What advice would you give to CISB students?

My advice to CISB students is to do your best to make the most out of the program. CISB offers the tools that are essential in today’s competitive international business environment. After graduating from the CISB program and making that first splash into post-student life, you will undoubtedly notice how much of a positive advantage it has given you.

What are your career plans?

As far as my career is concerned, I think that further development in my role as a sourcing specialist will be my main focus, especially as the world looks to change the status quo of how and where products are sourced. I plan to later translate this skill base to fuel on my own entrepreneurial aspirations of sourcing sustainable goods and services to multiple markets.

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