Leadership Immersion, weekend#2

Aaron Lykken, Manager – Academic Services & Technologies

I’m a tad bit behind on my posting, but nonetheless one of the biggest events recently has been the TMMBA Leadership Immersion weekend.  In it’s second year, the Leadership Immersion places current TMMBA students into a intensive 3-day weekend focusing exclusively on Leadership at the workplace.  The weekend uses an array of resources to give students the tools they need to succeed as current or future leaders in their respective industry.  From readings, a leadership simulation, case studies, theoretical frameworks, and the analysis of organizational data, the weekend covers a lot of ground but allows the students to devote their absolute focus on this important subject matter for managers.  Last year the students attended the weekend in their typical section (Monday or Wednesday), however this year we added a special twist by mixing the students across sections which enhanced networking opportunities, enhanced the bond between sections, and to add a new element to the leadership simulation and class discussions.  The random groups then attended their weekend assignment during weekend 1 or weekend 2.  Another twist was that classes were held on the Seattle campus which is a special treat for most of our students as the overwhelming majority of TMMBA class sessions occur at the Eastside Executive Center in Kirkland, WA.

Without a doubt the leadership immersion as a whole was a fantastic success.  The instructor, Patrick Bettin, is widely known both at the Foster School of Business and in the private sector as an outstanding instructor and has received numerous awards in various Executive Programs at the UW.  In fact, he was honored last year by both TMMBA sections (Monday & Wednesday) with the Foster School of Business’ Excellence in Teaching Award.  During the days I attended, I saw the students extremely engaged and enjoying themselves as they reflected on what type of leader they currently are and what they need to do to become a better one.

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