Life in Milan

Guest post by Hewan Solomon, a Foster senior studying Finance and Information Systems, who participated in the Foster exchange at the Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

Before arriving in Milan all I knew for certain about the city was that it was fueled by fashion and finance. What I learned is that this was correct, but there was also so much more to Milan.

When I arrived in the most metropolitan city in Italy, I was shocked by its size. I imagined my school to be a short walk to Duomo, the largest cathedral of the city, instead it was a 25 minute tram ride, and 40 minutes from my dorm. At first this was a tiring and intimidating, later I learned to love the public transportation system. I was able to use trains, trams and buses to get me anywhere in the city. This system along with my newfound independence helped me explore the expansive city thoroughly.

One of my favorite parts of staying in Milan was all of the surprises the city has. I loved finding new neighborhood markets, exploring different shopping areas, and seeing ancient Roman architecture.

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