Love is in…Balmer Hall?

Several words come to mind when one thinks of Balmer Hall …dark, old, dreary, cold!

But romantic?

In fact, Balmer is where Dan Donohue (BA 2004) and Angela Pak (BA 2004, MBA 2009) met and fell in love.

Dan and Angela arrived at the University of Washington with similar goals.  They wanted to “make new friends, be involved in student activities, obtain some leadership roles and get a good job.”

Because of their passion for getting involved, it was no wonder they ended up in the same social circle.

Dan and Angela met when they were hired as peer advisers in the Undergraduate Programs Office at the Foster School in 2002. They also both held leadership positions in Alpha Kappa Psi, a co-ed professional business fraternity, and had many business classes together.  In fact, there was a two-year span where they saw each other almost daily.

After two years of getting to know each other, Dan stepped up his game. All it took was an invitation for a birthday drink and they have been inseparable ever since!

Angela, a marketing manager at Amazon, and Dan, a sales manager at Volvo Construction Equipment look back at their time in school with no regrets.  Not only did they meet and exceed all their initial goals but they managed to knock another biggie off the list too:  Dan and Angela are set to marry this summer, almost exactly six years after they graduated and started dating in 2004.

When asked if anything they learned at the Foster School has helped their relationship, Dan and Angela quickly responded with three key lessons:  Teamwork, communication and, of course, negotiations!